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International Aerospace Consulting

Chairman Prof.Dr. Masataka MAITA

Internationalis consulens de futuris vehiculum spatium

Our vision is to realize affordable airbreathing propulsion-based routine access to space, the next frontier of aerospace vehicle and expand the regime of our human activities toward space and innovate our global society.

Reducing the cost of access to space is of central importance to the growth of space activities in future. There is popular support in many countries for the overall objectives of space exploration and utilization. But this support is dependent on the cost of these activities, which depend heavily on the cost of launch. Fully reusable launcher capable of frequent, affordable, reliable, on-demand access to and from space enable a range of users and benefits. However, with the ending of work on NASP, Saenger, SSTO Spaceplane and other airbreathing launch vehicles, there is today no clear path for assessment of the feasibility of aerospace planes - vehicles using airbrathing propulsions through some part of their flight -.

Existing knowledge does not give us high confidence that vehicles using rocket propulsion alone will be capable of providing the fully operational, low-cost space transportation that is aimed at.

It is therefore essential for aerospace community to develop a plan to test the readiness of horizontal take-off, airbreathing vehicle technology. We also believe that such a project is urgent, the world community of people with experience in this field will rapidly decline, and most of the work to date will be wasted. Because high technology risk and development cost of advanced airbreathing propulsion system, R&D in this filed would benefit from closer international collaboration.

To the extent that international consensus can be reached concerning the best route to take, the limited resources available to respective organization’s programs could be used more economically. Especially the joint technology demonstration work would achieve objectives of mutual interest to participants.

In view of the amount of valuable works done to prepare for airbreathing launchers past several decades, now it would be the time to demonstrate and develop fully reuasable airbreathing spaceplane systems.

We would like to help promote airbreathing launch vehicle program & hypersonic focused cutting edge technology progress through our consultancy.

Our members are government/industry/university related professionals working with international hypersonic communities. 

Headquarters Office:

Yoyogi Pair City Bld. 708


[email protected]